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vFire Automation

Automatic for the people

“We helped a NSW government agency save more than 300 work hours (2 FTE) per month by using vFire to create automated workflows for their top 10 call types across 16 departments.”

David McKinney, Lida Solutions

“Barnardo’s used vFire to introduce automated feedback surveys, sent out on call resolution, to improve the quantity of surveys returned. Response rates have gone up from 200 p/m to 200 p/w.”

James Pitt, Barnardo’s

vFire has a number of killer components: a completely license-free self-service interface, a powerful workflow engine, an insanely good dynamic forms designer, an integration platform that hooks into everything (including our own workflows) and an intuitive and versatile UX for analysts to manage their tasks. Put them all together and you get the ability to implement 100% start-to-finish automation straight out of the box.

Do you have someone new joining?  No problem.  Just request "new joiner" from the catalog.  Fill in some details and watch as vFire automatically creates AD accounts and email addresses.